Artificial Realities: Virtual as an Aesthetic Medium for Architectural Ideation

Artificial Realities: Virtual as an Aesthetic Medium for Architectural Ideation was selected through an International Open Call to be one of the ten Associated Projects of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019 ‘The Poetics of Reason’. It is an exhibition coupled with a one-day symposium hosted and organized by ISTAR Information Sciences, Technology and Architecture Research Center, and taking place in Lisbon between 14th to 18th October 2019.

Submission deadline: July 1st 2019

Website – http://istar.iscte-iul.pt/artificialrealities/Program Chairs and Curation
Nancy Diniz, Director MA in Biodesign, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, UK
Sara Eloy, Director ISTAR, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department ISCTE-IUL, Portugal

In the last decades we have witnessed a rapidly growing virtual reality industry from a variety of fields (games, construction, education, healthcare, animation, film-making, art, computer science) to become key innovators in designing immersive experiences. However, virtual reality as an aesthetic medium is still something relatively new. Although the technological side of virtual reality has evolved rapidly, the aesthetic side of the medium has remained in a nascent stage. The event will explore the ways in which virtual reality technologies can enable designers to expand and be integral to their creative process.

The work should discuss questions such as:

  • What are the specific techniques, methodologies and processes of the virtual craft in terms of creative process?
  • What does it offer differently in terms of experiences compared to physical and traditional modes of interaction?
  • How do contemporary virtual reality projects explore the aesthetic potential of the medium?
  • Will it reach mass adoption, and if so, when?
  • How are virtual technologies changing the way we design and create? What is the balance with analogue processes?
  • To what degree are educational curricula assimilating these technologies in pedagogy? What are the gains and challenges?
  • Participation in the symposium may be done remotely by video conference.

Work may be submitted in two categories:

  1. Short Papers / Work-In-Progress Papers
  2. Projects for the Exhibition.

Paper length: 2,000 words with 3-4 images. max. 5 pages. The paper submission should include: 1. Introduction; 2. Literature review; 3. Methods (if appropriate); 4. Findings; 5. Discussion and Conclusion; 6. References
Projects for the exhibition submission should include a 500-word description and 3-4 images.

This is a blind and peer reviewed call. Papers and project submissions should not contain information that identifies their authors, their institutions, or their places of work.

Send your submissions to: sara.eloy@iscte-iul.pt

Scientific Committee

  • Ana Moural, Architect, PhD candidate Norwegian University of Life Sciences (MNBU), Norway
  • Anette Kreutzberg, Teaching Associate Professor, Institute of Architecture and Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (KADK), Denmark
  • Ava Fatah gen Schieck, Associate Professor, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL UK
  • Carla Leitao, Lecturer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute US
  • Ioanna Symenoiou, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, Greece
  • Joana Alves, Architect, Post-doc Researcher ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Joaquim Jorge, Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
  • Marcella del Signore, Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology, US
  • Miguel Sales Dias, Associate Professor, DCTI ISCTE-IUL, ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Nancy Diniz, Director MA in Biodesign, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, UK
  • Richard Laing, Professor, Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Ricardo Resende, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department ISCTE-IUL, Researcher ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Sara Eloy, Director ISTAR, Assistant Professor Architecture Department ISCTE-IUL, Portugal

Organizing Committee

  • Joana Alves, Architect, Post-doc researcher ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Luisa Almeida, Masters in architecture student ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Nancy Diniz, Director MA in Biodesign, Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, UK
  • Nuno Pereira da Silva, Architect, PhD candidate ISTAR ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
  • Sara Eloy, Director ISTAR, Assistant Professor Architecture Department ISCTE-IUL, Portugal

Texto da responsabilidade da entidade.

Fonte: Istar-IUL


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